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Arizona Earthdog Club members sharing a moment of glory together after their dogs' success at the Trials at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

​Discover what our Club has to offer: Arizona Earthdog Club members communicate via our Facebook group and also by email. We announce practices and club meetings through these communication channels.  

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The Arizona Earthdog Club was started in 2000 by three people: Jim Walkington, Billie Rosen and Jen Wennerlund.  The three met at Billie Rosen's house to practice before they trekked to California for the closest available AKC trials. 

Over time, more people joined the practice group and the AZ Earthdog Club was formed.

In April 2004, the Club held the first-ever AKC sanctioned trial in Arizona. The article 
Spring in Arizona: Wildflowers, Hummingbirds...Rats? by Karla Deithorn gives a good description of an Earthdog Trial and includes pictures from the 2004 event. 

The AKC website also contains  
articles about other Earthdog events and includes photos of members and their dogs enjoying the April 2008  event in Cottonwood. 

If you are interested in starting your dog in Earthdog events it's a very good idea to attend at least one practice before the trial. 

While the dog may have the instinct to go into a dark tunnel after vermin, a practice session definitely teaches them what the game is and the rules of the game.

Our Club members enjoy working with their dogs in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and have opportunities to socialize during meetings and working sessions, as well as when involved in practices and trials.